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Cheap Houses in Canada

Cheap Houses in Canada

Prices of everything are going up, It’s a normal effect of inflation. And expectedly, housing prices will be the most affected. Data from the Canadian Real Estate Association said that the average home prices in Canada increased by 6.7% compared to June 2022. But according to an article published in HGTV by Doug Murray, there are places in Canada where you can still find affordable houses.  

His advice is to look for locations outside of major cities. Some properties may need a little renovation but hey, it’s no big deal if you can get them cheaper right?  This may sound impractical especially if you work in the city. But you can consider long-term goals like equity and investment. 

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The article offered a list of houses from different provinces and their prices as of July 2023. The prices from the cheapest are $ 60,000.00 and the most expensive is $125,000.00. The descriptions and locations of houses are from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. The prices are a bargain considering the existing cost of housing nowadays. This only shows that we still have choices if we are really into purchasing a house for family settlement or investment. 

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